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Special Needs Grooming

Does your pet have anxiety?

Trouble with strangers or other animals?

Fears regarding grooming? 

You've come to the right place! Here at Bella's we believe in empowering all dogs.

What Does Special Needs Grooming Include?

These grooms include a bath, blow-dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and full body cut, topped with a freshening spritz. The completion of these services is contingent on the pet's tolerance. 


Additionally a special needs groom includes exclusive booking with our behavioral specialists McKenzie or Lexi. Some cases may require a private grooming room, additional time, multiple sessions, or special equipment

How Do I Know If My Pet Requires Special Needs Grooming?

Your pet may be classified as a special needs groom if the following are present during their service:


Anxiety resulting in undesirable behaviors including: biting, mouthing, and scratching

Fears or anxiety with new people, or surroundings

Trouble with basic services such as blow-drying, nail clipping, & bathing

Medical issues requiring special accommodations (i.e collapsed trachea, hip dysplasia)

How Do I Start?

The first step to your pets groom is setting up a consultation with one of our behavioral specialists. In your consultation the specialist will have an opportunity to meet you and your pet, understand what your pet needs, what your grooming goals are, and help create a plan to meet them. 

To book your consultation, call 507-257-2011 or email us at

What can I expect for pricing?

In terms of cost these grooms vary case by case. The overall total will cover against additional fees such as bite charges, multiple groomer chargers, and anxiety induced bowel/bladder incidents. A special needs groom does cost more than a standard groom due to the extra precautions, time, and skill it takes to give your pup a positive grooming experience. 

What can I expect for the finished look?

We will always try to make your pet look their best! Unfortunately we cannot guarantee perfection with special needs grooms. Our goal through these grooms is to make your pet comfortable and provide them with a pleasant grooming experience. If your pet displays high anxiety or undesirable behaviors beyond reasonable working conditions (i.e puts the groomer at high risk of injury, puts the pet at risk of a cardiac event, or the pet is not tolerant of service) that step of the grooming process may be skipped or scheduled for a different date. 

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