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Bella’s Play & Stay

2024 Bordetella Waiver

Canine infectious tracheobronchitis is a highly contagious respiratory disease of dogs. Mild to severe episodes of
cough and respiratory distress are typical clinical features recognized in affected dogs. Most infections are self limiting.
The most common cause of canine cough in dogs is bordetella bronchiseptica. Clinical signs of canine cough develop within 3-4 days and lasts up to 14 days. The clearance of the bacteria from the respiratory tract may take up
to 6-14 weeks. The single most important factor in reducing the prevalence and severity of infectious respiratory disease is through a comprehensive vaccination protocol.
At Bella's Play & Stay we recommend vaccinating against bordetella bronchiseptica a minimum of 72 hours prior to kennel stay. There are 3 possibilities that may occur following vaccination:
1. Full protection against bordetella bronchiseptica
2. A vaccine-induced mild form of canine cough, or
3. A mild case of canine cough due to exposure, however, the symptoms are less severe due to the vaccination
that was given.
Our kennel strongly recommends the vaccinations be given before boarding at Bella's Play & Stay, however Bordetella is optional
_____My pet(s) has been vaccinated less than 72 Hours before boarding against bordetella bronchiseptica
and I understand there is a greater risk of infection.
_____My pet(s) have not been vaccinated for Bordetella, and I agree to the risks.
_____My pet has been vaccinated more than 72 hours before boarding against bordetella bronchiseptica
and I understand that no vaccine is guaranteed 100%; and that Bordetella is meant to help prevent
against the most common/viruses transmitted between pets; and understanding that bordetella, calici
virus, rhinotracheatis and panleukopeina are not only upper respiratory virus infections (URI) that are
easily spread by pets in close proximity; and that the transmission of most URI’s is often when the pets
are not exhibiting signs.
In the event my pet(s) are diagnosed with canine cough after boarding, I acknowledge Bella's Play & Stay took the necessary precautions to prevent infection and informed me of the risk of infection. I do, therefore, release Bella's Play & Stay from any responsibility.

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