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Bella’s Play & Stay

2024 Senior Dog Waiver

As a dog owner, I understand that dogs aged 7 years and older may find the boarding and daycare experience more stressful than younger dogs. By signing the waiver below, I agree to the following statements:


1. Older dogs are more prone to illness due to stress while in boarding or daycare.

2. It is essential that I provide the name and contact information of a veterinarian who can be reached in case my dog's health declines while in daycare or boarding.

I acknowledge the following: Bella's Play & Stay will not hesitate to consult a veterinarian if my dog's health declines while boarding or in daycare. I understand that I am responsible for all veterinary charges regarding my dog's health care. If Bella's Play & Stay is required to pay for veterinary care in advance, I will repay all charges.

In the unfortunate event of your dog passing away during their stay with us, please provide instructions on what you would like us to do. If you would like someone to pick up your pet, please leave contact information. If you prefer for your pet to be cremated, we can make arrangements with Mankato Pet Cremation and you will be billed accordingly.

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